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Ms. Catherine Carson

Concord College of Canada is a private high school committed to providing students with an exemplary educational experience. As the Principal and leader of the school, I share three decades of experience in teaching, coaching, mentoring and instructional leadership with my staff. I am extremely passionate about education ...

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ESL Summer Camp
Concord’s ESL summer camp can give your child an unforgettable learning experience in summer. Instead of the tedious writing and reciting, the process of acquiring language in Concord summer camp is composed of engaging discussion. Different levels of ESL students are able to find themselves involved in well designed activities that will help them accelerate the speed of learning English.
Field Trip Camp
We believe field trips are best ways to help students connect theories that they learn in class to the real world. Therefore, Concord College has carefully selected inspirational places to take our students which includes Royal Ontario Museum, multiple university campuses, and historical sites. We believe it is a perfect opportunity for students to enhance their acquired knowledge in class in entertaining ways.
Music Program
The Art Summer Camp is a travel-and-learn program that helps students aged 10-22 experience art learning in Canadian environment. The Art Summer Camp is organized and guided by seasoned art teachers who is ready to offer valuable advice and guidance to the art learners. Through a 22-day journey, students can develop their techniques in art and painting while improving linguistic skills in English-culture settings, plus establishing friendship with people of different cultural backgrounds.
Art Summer Camp
Throughout the orientation and the study period, tours to Canadian cultural and historical sites will be organized to help students learn about the profound history of Canada. We will also be taking a tour to the top universities to show students the actual school environment and giving students a chance to talk to the university students as it will assist students with choosing the optimal university.