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Ms. Catherine Carson

Concord College of Canada is a private high school committed to providing students with an exemplary educational experience. As the Principal and leader of the school, I share three decades of experience in teaching, coaching, mentoring and instructional leadership with my staff. I am extremely passionate about education ...

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1. Professional Counselling Team
From the first day in Concord College, our staff will follow up on students’ progress and ensure their parents are notified promptly. We make sure to accommodate to each of the student’s learning style.
2. Communication with Parents
Living and studying abroad can be challenging for many students. Our international department team will stay close with students as well as updating their parents with their child’s academic development.
3. After-school Tutorial Program
We fully understand the potential challenges our students may face with learning the materials taught during the day, therefore Concord have taken that extra step by providing an after-school and evening program for extra help.
4. Small Class Teaching
Small class sizes averaging 15 students per teachers (ESL classes average 10 students per teacher) ensure that every student receives adequate individual attention. Teachers offer more personal attention as well as give students the opportunities to academically excel in a nurturing environment.
5. IELTS/TOEFL training centre
For international students whose first language is not English and has not lived in Canada for more than 4 years must provide either TOEFL or IELTS test scores as a part of their university applications. Due to this requirement, having a strong foundation of English is vital. Concord helps students prepare for the IELTS or TOEFL scores by working with one of the largest Chinese-owned language schools –Global Education. With this additional centre Concord provides, there is no need for parents to search for a separate tutor for English.
6. Development of students' capabilities
In Concord, not only do we care strongly for academic success, but we also encourage our students to think critically, feel deeply, and act wisely to develop strong characteristic, which will become their greatest assets outside of school.
7. Guidance and counselling services
Studying and living abroad can be difficult at a time when students are facing environmental changes such as lack of family and friends’ support as well as cultural clash. We understand that students sometimes experience difficulties or face obstacles that hinder their personal academic success hence why Concord guidance and counselling team staff offer free, confidential counselling for students, helping them make a safe transition throughout the university preparation years.
8. Cooperative (Co-op) education
In order to help students integrate classroom knowledge with practical working experience, Concord offers planned Co-op for grade 11 and 12 students. Co-op can be calculated as one of the 18 compulsory credits required by Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Co-op placements are provided by the approved employers for around 15-20 hours per week. Concord selects the employers whose locations are within a close distance from our college. Students' performance is assessed from multiple perspectives, including the employers, working partners, colleagues and the Co-op supervisors. During the Co-op program, students may also take up to 2 other courses at Concord.