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Ms. Catherine Carson

Concord College of Canada is a private high school committed to providing students with an exemplary educational experience. As the Principal and leader of the school, I share three decades of experience in teaching, coaching, mentoring and instructional leadership with my staff. I am extremely passionate about education ...

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Residence is an exciting way to fully experience the community of Concord College of Canada. As we have students from all over the world, students are able to live in multicultural environment. In addition, Concord College works with professional real-estate agent to provide homestay services to our students.
Students' Residence
Students in residence embark on a remarkable journey by making friends from around the world and learning to be independent. Resident students live and study in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment, supervised by full-time staff who are qualified educators. The supervisors of residence liaise regularly and lives in the same house with subject teachers, guidance counsellors and international language teachers to help ensure the best possible learning opportunities for each student.
Each day, resident students have daily supervised self-study session and our staff work the best in providing students with healthy lifestyle such as having a set bedtime where all the lights in the residence are turned off at a set time.
Residence also provides a variety of home-made meals, drinks, and healthy snacks. The chef of the residence is flexible and willing to cook according to students’ taste.