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Ms. Catherine Carson

Concord College of Canada is a private high school committed to providing students with an exemplary educational experience. As the Principal and leader of the school, I share three decades of experience in teaching, coaching, mentoring and instructional leadership with my staff. I am extremely passionate about education ...

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In Canada, English serves as a common language used for daily communication and academic activities. Hence, English as a Second Language courses play a significant role in adapting international students to the local learning environment.
At Concord, we offer year-round opportunities for students of different cultural backgrounds to learn English. Our ESL program mainly focuses on learning Canadian cultures and preparing for college programs in linguistic perspective.
Choose ESL at Concord, you can:
  • learn language skills to better engage in the local community
  • acquire the academic use of vocabulary
  • gain support from good-nurtured language experts
  • enjoy various opportunities to practice spoken English
  • familiarize yourself with the local classroom climate
  • prepare for the language use of Canadian colleges
  • study English language skills in more detailed categories-listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • integrate language knowledge and Canadian cultures
  • experience education and communication of multicultural dimensions